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cyber threat risk consultants

 dedicated to countering the threats posed by domestic and international terrorism and cyber criminals around the globe through education, training and practical application

TMR is composed of three primary sections:


TMR’s Consulting Section is supported by seasoned law enforcement and combat veterans who understand the risks posed by today’s adversaries. Our thorough understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures utilized by these threat actors makes us uniquely qualified to assess our clients’ physical and cyber security needs and put in place the measures necessary to mitigate these risks. We are available around the clock to our clients in a capacity to support your security needs in a variety of innovative ways.



TMR’s Training Section focuses on reducing the risk to our clients from the full spectrum of physical and cyber security threats. We provide subject matter expertise to assist clients with training their workforce to recognize and mitigate attempts at system intrusion. One of the main methods of intrusion today is through phishing. It's a low cost and effective avenue to gain access to your system and phishing tactics get better every day. Without a properly trained workforce you may be leaving your company or small business vulnerable to hackers. 

contract support

TMR’s Contract Support Staff is tapped into the robust market of physical and cyber security professionals. We can provide recruitment services and a seamless on-boarding process to fit your company needs and requirements.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
— Edmund Burke


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